Hi, I'm Ida Anduyan and this is my fashion blog.

I was born and raised all the way from Mindanao and I've been dwelling in Manila since I was six years old. I'm currently enjoying my last year as a teenager. Yes, I'm nineteen years old but I surely don't feel like one. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Advertising Management at De La Salle University but my heart belongs to Multimedia Art and Fashion Design.

On Art I've been drawing girls with different clothes since the day I learned how to hold a pencil. Whenever I was bored, if I didn't play barbie or play house, I'd be drawing. Lots of notebooks were filled and lots of faces were drawn. I don't know why, but no matter how much I tried to alter my drawings, they always end up with this animé-ish look. Unfortunately when I stepped into college, less time was given to drawing and more was given to academics. Oh that just sucks.

On Fashion My style can be really bipolar. One day I can be the most outrageous, decorated person around, then the next day I'll just be wearing a shirt and short shorts. Nevertheless, whatever I'm wearing I always try to embed my personality and current mood.

Fashion for me, is more of an art, a way of expressing myself rather than an obligation or something that we should be stressing about. I don't know if I just made sense back there.

In this blog I'll be focusing more on style and fashion. If you want something more personal, here's my personal blog.

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