Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boyfriend Shirt

Loose Denim Polo - Henleys
There are some days where I just want to do away with tight clothes and just wear something really loose and breezy and what could be more perfect than a "boyfriend shirt"? :D
Cross Necklace - Forever 21
Black stockings - Metro Market
I really got a lot of stares today especially on my bottom part. Maybe they thought I wasn't wearing anything down there and oh yeah, the school guard didn't let me in through the gate near Agno. The lady guard said my stockings were too transparent. Hmmm yeah but I'm seriously not going to cut class just 'cause of that! I walked along Taft in front of DLSU and got in the North gate ;) Hihii. Lesson learned though, I should get thicker stockings soon.
Dip Dyed shorts - Muradito
 See, I am wearing something down there.
Silver stud bracelet - Forever 21 / White skull bracelet / Pink Glow in the dark bracelet / Some wooden bracelets

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