Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shop @ The Fort x Global Pinoy Bazaar

My mom and I went to two bazaars today: Shop @ The Fort at the NBC Tent and Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell tent. Frankly, I was disappointed. There wasn't much to see especially in the NBC Tent. I wasn't in my heavenly frenzy state unlike that bazaar at the World Trade Center before but I did pick up a few cute things.
I've been searching for this dust cover thing for ages!! So I got pretty excited when my mom showed it to me. Though it was a bit expensive... I just had to get it. It was too pretty to not get :(
We also got this awesome skull ring. I saw this before when there was a bazaar going on on DLSU. I got shocked by the price. I was expecting it'd be around P100-P350 but it was like... P800? Wow, no way. Bazaar? Ring? P800? What is this, Zara? Nonetheless, we got this for a cheaper price.
Peace symbol and an Anchor. A true hippie are we?
Then finally, along with the peace and anchor bracelet, I got this gold spiky bracelet. Yeah, they were a bundle.
Bazaars are really great if you want to find cheap yet unique items. I recommend going to every single bazaar going on (as long as you have money) instead of always buying in boutiques. There are some items in bazaars that aren't available in boutiques (Forever 21, Topshop, Zara) also, these kinds of events would suit a person who find it a hassle to buy online, like me.

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