Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leopard Inspired Eyes

These days you can find all sorts of make up in almost every mall. There are a wide variety of colors, tones, and textures! With all these choices plus your creative ideas, the things you can create are infinite.
If you're an avid tumblr reblogger, you'll probably notice that animal eye make up is quite popular there. It's cute and very out-of-this-world-ish. So I was so amazed when my cousin Ralph came up to me with this look. I was like, "sino gumawa niyaaaaaaan?! ANG CUUUUUUTE!!"
Apparently, his make up was done by one of my mom's stylist in her salon, Mother Hash. He's also the one who did mine in my Happy Halloween post. He's a really talented if not a veteran stylist and make up artist and he's also the one who organizes the annual Miss Gay pageant in our Village which is a MUST WATCH.
Model: My cousin, Ralph Ivan Samson / Twitter / Facebook

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