Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Renzo Quiza

Howdy! Meet my boyfriend, Lorenzo Dominique Manalo Quiza or simply, Renzo. Yes, I'm taken. ;)
So he basically asked me to edit this photo of him. The first photo's the original one while the third is the "after". This is what I did:

  1. (2nd photo) I adjusted the curves, made the photo s little brighter but preserved the shadowed areas.
  2. (3rd photo) I added a "solid color" layer in screen mode. After that I played with the levels and saturation.
But let's not get into details, shall we? A great photo editor does not reveal his or her secrets. Kidding lolz.
Here's a bigger version of the "after" photo.
Renzo's wearing:
Basic white shirt - Bench
Skinny pants - Folded & Hung
Black sneakers - Cotton on
Accessories: Sunnies - Forever 21 / Cap - Surplus shop / Earring - Topman / G-shock / I love boobies wristband
Follow him on twitter! CLICK Renzo's twitter header also edited by yours truly

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