Saturday, November 10, 2012


Did you guys notice that army inspired clothing is getting more popular? No? Try checking out Zara then. I was drooling at all their new items just a while ago. I have a love/hate view on Zara. I LOVE all their items but I freakin' HATE the outrageous prices. You could the same exact thing from Forever 21 for half the price! But still, there are some items in Zara that Forever 21 doesn't have.
Camo Shirt - Thrifted / Leather high waist shorts - Forever 21
Say hello to my pata legs. It says hi. 
Spiked bib necklace - Forever 21
Spiked Camo Flats - Zara
I've been eyeing these spiked camo flats for a while now... I finally got them today! Thanks to my ever dearest mother who'll I be sharing this with. Yeah, we share clothes and shoes all the time. 

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